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Hydrating Body Wraps
Green Tea & Mint Body Wrap 45 Minute  $70

This body treatment nourishes the skin and super refreshing, slightly aromatic, made with all natural green tea extracts. It is ideal for maintaining and prolonging an ideal moisture level, improving the suppleness of the skin and preventing dehydration. Suitable for all skin types, even the very sensitive skin.

Lavender Hydrating Body Wrap 45 Minute $70

​​​​Wrap your body with soothing lavender comfort and transform your stressors into a sense of well being and relaxation. Our Lavender Body Wrap imparts a healing touch that comforts the body and soul, while our lavender buds replenishes the mind and body. Area you need of nurihing while the luxurious product embraces your body and hug you.

Lemongrass & Vanilla Body Wrap 45 Minute $70​​

​​Luxury spa body wrap to achieve skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Our wraps have been hand picked for the best ingredients to detoxify, hydrate, accelerate cell renewal, deeply cleanse and replenish, improve skin texture, and remove impurities. Our body wraps lift dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin. Lemongrass improving the blood circulation, it clears up your skin, treats oily textures and also works on treating eruptions like acne, pimples and eczema. Lemongrass has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help you cope with cold, cough and flu. Plus, it is loaded with Vitamin C that strengthens your immunity.

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