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Green Tea Slimming Package

​​Step 1: Scrubs: slough off (exfoliate) all the dead surface top layer of your skin preparing it to absorb all the therapeutic benefits of the wrap. Your skin is now breathing again!

Step 2: Infrared Slimming Wrap: Opens your pores thoroughly now that your skin is breathing. Allows for DEEP DETOX within all the layers of your skin as well as weight loss/slimming equivalent to a 3-mile jog. The benefits of this infrared sauna are far beyond detox/weight loss (please read that category on our site). This is not a steam sauna, but full spectrum infrared and super healthy and healing for your body.

Step 3: Wrap: Your pores are now wide open and fully detoxed. The mask is the power feature of the treatment. It’s the Slimming and Toning as Green Tea; it’s the Detoxification, Tightening, Breaking Down of Cellulite as in the Seaweed/Algae; it’s the Deep Hydration, Antioxidant Infusion. This is the final step and is all about DEEP HYDRATION with powerful vitamins and nutrients your body is craving and of course, it’s also about AROMATHERAPY. Your body is now thanking you. It’s detoxed, pores now closed and sealed. Your body is now as soft as a baby’s bottom, smells delicious and you are feeling amazing and beautiful!